What we offer

When you decide to apply to The Esdutiar University you will have the opportunity to explore courses across the programs and colleges that make up our university, crossing disciplines and charting your own unique academic path.

We recognize that the application process might seem challenging; selecting the right undergraduate or graduate program is an important decision. Our admissions team is available to help you navigate this critical journey and make a choice that will affect your intellectual and creative potential in profound ways.


Our knowledgeable staff offers cutting-edge advice for studying abroad. We make an effort to learn as much as we can about the student by using a questionnaire. When presenting the options to the student, we take into account both their academic background and personal interests.

Expert Instruction

Each student receives individualised attention from our highly qualified and experienced instructors, who also work with them to strengthen their areas of weakness. Our enormous selection of full-length tests and practise exams are very beneficial for understanding the exam format and achieving high test scores.

Choosing Country and Course

What do you want to study and where would you like to go? We make it a point to never omit and follow them while charting the course for you because they are the two most crucial questions that will have a significant impact on your future.

Processing of Applications & Visas

Application and Visa Processing: Filling out college applications can be difficult, so we do our best to make the process as simple as possible by getting you ready well in advance. We’ll make sure you are completely informed on the most recent visa requirements and will help you put together the necessary paperwork for submission.


Our counsellors are always updating this page with new scholarship opportunities. Ask us for advice on budgeting for an international education. Whether it’s your personal money or a bank loan, our professional counsellors will show you how, where, and when to settle your accounts in the most practical, timely, and economical manner. We are one of the few educational consultants in India that provide our esteemed pupils with this service.


Once you take off, our relationship doesn’t come to an end. It simply begins over again. We’ll have counsellors on hand around-the-clock to make sure you have no problems at all while you’re here. Our counsellors, many of whom themselves have studied abroad, will assist you in making the best decision, and we are always available to your parents should you have any difficulties at your university.


Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?